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Facing the Challenges in Making the Change

The 2019 Coin Conference, which took place in Rome from 14-16 October 2019, attracted 185 people from 45 countries & 103 organisations, a record number of countries and organisations.  Perhaps this interest has been generated by the challenges and opportunities facing all involved in coins.

The conference had its usual rich mix of topics presented and discussed with the ever-fresh interest in new coin issues, public education and circulating commemoratives.  Some of the big topics attracting a number of presentations were:

  • The decline in coin issue
  • The challenge of recirculation
  • Getting the right denominational structure – the coin/note boundary and removing low denominations

With 32 presentations, not including the full day’s worth of pre-seminars and the tour of the Banca d’Italia’s print works and the Italian Mint, it is impossible to do more than touch on the value delivered during this conference.  There were presentations on the future of cash, forecasting, seignorage, the value mints add to the economy and much more.

Suffice to say the conference was a busy, happy and useful event, which passed in a flash.

The main programme was preceded by two workshops. One, convened and moderated by the MDC Customer Task Force for central banks, looked at optimising the efficiency of the coin cycle. The other covered the subject of making money with coins, in the context of circulating commemorative and collectors coins and how all the stakeholders – issuers, mints, retailers and dealers – can work together to ensure a healthy market.

The Coin Conference was also host to the presentation of the IACA Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins 2019.

And on the day after the conference, the Banca d’Italia hosted a tour of its printworks, and the Italian Mint (IPZS) of its new museum.

Currency News, the organisers of the Coin Conference, would like to thank all those involved for their support – the speakers, the delegates, among them the Royal Canadian Mint (gold platinum sponsor), the Royal Dutch Mint (gold sponsor), China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, Freiberger Eurometall, Jarden Zinc Products, MONEA, Monnaie de Paris and TAV Vacuum Furnaces.

The next Coin Conference will take place in the autumn of 2021.

The full text review can be found here.

This is my first time to attend such a conference, and the amount of information and experience I got cannot be described in words. All the best in your conferences and hope that I can attend more and more of your different conferences.

Central Bank of Oman

I found the conference very engaging and interactive. As a first time participant who is not a current technical expert but more of a central bank communication expert, this conference has opened my eyes to the many opportunities on the currency communication space.

Central Bank of Eswatini

Beyond expectations, well selected topics and presentations, great opportunity to network and discuss relevant issues; provides significant insight on coins. The venue adds more charm to the event.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas







It is my very first participation at the Coin Conference and I enjoyed. The agenda and speakers were very great. It was very insightful, interesting and useful.

National Bank of Kyrgyzstan

Excellent conference. All papers were well chosen. The pre conference workshop on making money with coins was well facilitated. It was educational too.


This conference is the only place where central banks, mints and other coin business players meet together and share ideas.

Japan Mint


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Very interesting and useful event. Great possibility to meet colleagues from other central banks and share each others experiences. Also, to get essential information from the coin production industry.

National Bank of Georgia

A good blend of technical and practical information presented by experts. Thoroughly interesting and thought provoking. Additionally plenty of networking opportunities. Thank you very much. Fantastic organisation.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Yes, the event met all my experiences. There were no major news available, but the individual achievements of many attendees and participants shows that cash still is sexy despite attempts of the digital boundaries to make cash look old fashioned.

Orfix International GmbH

Monday 14 October

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

09:00 – 12:00

Optimising the Efficiency of the Coin Cycle

This workshop is part of the MDC’s Customer Task Force, a project established in 2015 with the purpose that the mint industry could gain a clear understanding of the key issues affecting the different stakeholders for coins and take action accordingly. One such set of stakeholders are central banks/issuers – and at the  2017 Coin Conference, in Warsaw, it was identified that one of their key concerns is optimising the efficiency of coins in circulation and, critically, hoarding.

This workshop is for central banks and coin issuers only, and is free of charge.

13:30 – 17:00

Making Money with Coins

Circulating commemorative and collector coins are not just a means of celebrating national events and milestones, but generate public interest in coins. They deliver revenue to issuers and/or the mints while serving as a test-bed for new techniques and features. In addition, these coins provide revenue to dealers and retailers in what is termed the ‘secondary market’.  Producing and issuing such coins is not a simple licence to make money. The right subject matter and events are crucial, as is the frequency of programmes and the potential downsides of issuing coins that do not retain their value.

Tuesday 15 October

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Session 1: Setting The Scene

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Session 2: Coin Policy and Strategy (Part 1)

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Session 3: Coin Policy and Strategy (Part 2)

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Session 4: Around The World in 80 Minutes

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Wednesday 16 October

Session 5: Optimising Costs, Meeting Demand

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Session 6: Engaging the Public

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Session 7: Technologies for Green, Secure, Socially-Responsible Coins

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Session 8: Recirculating and Recycling

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Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors


Many thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors for taking part in our wonderful exhibition running alongside the conference:

Platinum Royal Canadian Mint

Gold – Royal Dutch Mint

Silver – China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPMC), Freiberger EuroMetall, Jarden Zinc Products, Monnaie de Paris, TAV VACUUM FURNACES

Tour – Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Italiano

Football – Monea