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The Confidential Newsletter for Currency

Currency News is a unique and comprehensive one-stop source of information covering the specification, design, production, distribution and management in circulation of banknotes and coins, from ‘cradle-to-grave’.

Currency News™ is read by those involved in specifying, issuing, producing or handling currency. In 12 information-packed issues per year, supplemented by a weekly news update, it covers all aspects of currency with a blend of news, expert analysis, and commentary on the events, standards, companies, people and technologies shaping the evolution and development of banknotes and coins around the world.

Currency News is published by Currency Publications Ltd, a joint venture between Reconnaissance International and Currency Research. Along with Currency News, we also publish Cash & Payment News and Coin & Mint News, along with regular supplements, special reports and directories, as well as organising the biennial Coin Conference.

Editorial Team

Currency News is compiled by a team comprising some of the most authoritative and influential voices in the business. These include the Board of Advisors, who advise on the direction and development of Currency News, and a network of researchers and writers from key sectors of the currency industry around the world. Together, this team is uniquely placed to provide information and in-depth analysis of currency on a global scale.

Editor - Astrid Mitchell

The editor is Astrid Mitchell, who spent 25 years in marketing and strategic development for De La Rue, Applied Optical Technologies (OpSec) and Bundesdruckerei prior to joining Reconnaissance International in 2002, where she is now CEO.

Board of Advisors

Antti Heinonen – formerly Chief Casher at the Bank of Finland, then Director of Banknotes at the European Central Bank and, latterly, Chairman of the Banknote Ethics Initiative.

Michael Lambert – former Associate Director of the Federal Reserve System, with responsibility for US currency issue.

Brian Lang: formerly Head of Currency at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and currently Executive Vice President of the International Association of Currency Affairs.

Richard Wall: formerly Managing Director of the Currency Department at the Bank of Canada, and now Chairman of the International Association of Currency Affairs.

Lahcen Hadouni: formerly managing Director of Dar-as Sikkah, the banknote printing subsidiary Bank al-Maghrib, and currently Project Director with Philipateer and Steering Committee Member of the think-tank CashEssentials.

Lydia Yip – formerly Head of Currency for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and now an advisor to central banks.

Tsuyoshi Uematsu - former Director of the International Relations Office of Japan’s banknote printer, the National Printing Bureau.

Concha Jiménez - former Director General of Cash and Branches and Board member of Banco de España.

Editorial Policy

Currency News is a fully independent, subscription-supported publication which publishes up-to-date and authoritative information on the currency sector and cash cycle in 12 issues per year, along with weekly updates.

Currency News is totally impartial and does not favour any organization, technology or region.

Quality, accuracy and editorial integrity are paramount and all information is fully checked before publication.

Currency News welcomes input from individual organizations, but only on the understanding that material is only considered for inclusion if it without bias, accurate and relevant to the readership.

Currency News aims to support the development of currency by fostering communications and providing information. The editors acknowledge the importance of discretion and, in seeking to advance the interests of the community, does not publish articles which could be damaging to any organization or individual unless this information is already in the public domain or it is in the wider interests of the currency community to do so.

In furtherance of its independence, Currency News does not carry advertising.