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Some Ups, Some Downs for Mints

Three of the main mints have recently published their annual results for 2023. It’s something of a mixed bag, with overall positive results, but not necessarily driven by circulating coins.

Counterfeit Corner

What should I do with the foreign counterfeits I receive? I am frequently…

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Challenging Manufacturing ‘Truth’: Is Small Beaut…

An unscientific rule of thumb taught to those entering the banknote industry used to be that a country needed…

News in Brief

Further to the completion of the acquisition of OpSec Security for $270 mi…

DENARIA – Ensuring Fair Access to Cash

The third DENARIA Conference took place in Madrid on 24 April, hosted by t…

Editors Choice

Stop Press – De La Rue for Sale?

As Currency News™ went to press, De La Rue provided a strategic update which states that a sale of one or both divisions could be on the cards. The Board is in discussions with a number of parties who have made proposals in relation to, or expressed interest in, either of the divisions – Authentication and Currency.

  • Time for Confidence in Cash

    The Banknote Conference took place 13-16 May in Fort Worth, Texas. Organised by Currency Research, it was attended by nearly 425 delegates from 72 countries and 183 organisations. Of those, 92 were c…

  • A New Polymer Enters the Market

    There was a time when the market for polymer substrates, albeit small, was dominated by one supplier. The market grew, and so did the number of suppliers, CCL Secure and GUARDIAN™ being joined by De …

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