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August 2022

  • New Paper Mill for India
  • All Change for MDC
  • This is What a Crumbling Cash Infrastructure Looks Like
  • Community for Banknote Designers to Close its Doors
  • FNMT Accredited BnEI Member
  • BSP Introduces Coin Deposit Machines
  • News in Brief
  • The Journey Towards a Less Cash Australia
  • Cash v Non-Cash – What Drives Consumer Payment Behaviour?
  • The End of the Line for Banknotes in Pakistan
  • Transferring Technology from Security to Sustainability
  • The Counterfeiting Threat from Photo Hobbyist Technologies
  • Customer Support Enters New Era
  • People in the News
  • Imagine Currency for a Better Future
  • Coin & Mint News Launches this October
  • IACA Finalists for 2022 IACA Coin Awards
  • Indonesia Issues New Series for 2022
  • In other news…
  • Upcoming Events

July 2022

  • De La Rue Terminates Agreement with Portals; Latter to Close Banknote Paper Mill
  • Green Light for New French Printworks
  • Little Surprise About Demise of Papermakers
  • Croatia Gets Green Light to Adopt Euro in 2023
  • SARB Maintains Denominational Mix
  • News in Brief
  • CashEssentials: Honing the Debate on the Future of Money
  • Everything to Know about Banknote Recycling
  • The Counterfeiter Classification
  • Threads and the Value of Substrate-Embedded Security – an Inside View from Louisenthal
  • Hueck Folien Launches TRILUMIC® in Thread Format
  • Good Plastic, Bad Plastic: Good Paper, Bad Paper
  • All Set for the Coin Conference
  • New Conference Launches in Central Asia
  • Polish Bisons Give Customers Informed Choice of Optimum Banknote Substrate
  • Egypt’s New Polymer Note Rolls out of New Printworks
  • In other news…
  • Upcoming Events

June 2022

  • Steady Progress by the Bank of England
  • Counterfeiting in Australia
  • The Cash Paradox? Is It All About to Change?
  • BPS Moves Forward with New Production Facility
  • CCL Secure Reduces CO2 Emissions by 26% in UK
  • Komori Increases Sales and Returns to Profit
  • People in the News
  • News in Brief
  • A Global Update on Cash Demand in Turbulent Times: Part I
  • War, Energy Crisis, Inflation, Recession, COVID on the Rise – Markets, Unsurprisingly, Tumble
  • A Vision of a Circular Economy for Banknote Waste
  • The Challenges of Measuring Banknote Lifetime
  • CMA Picks ONE 2.1
  • Two New Apps for Banknote Authentication
  • JUMP™ – A Giant Leap Forward for Banknote Security and Beauty
  • Pinball Wizard
  • Making Waves for the First Time
  • World’s Smallest ATM
  • TFoC Returns with Innovation at Heart of Format and Topics
  • White Nights for HSP EMEA
  • ICCOS Asia is Back
  • SICPA Opens its Doors
  • Recognising Outstanding Design and Innovation in EMEA Banknotes
  • New Look, More Security for the Latest in a Long Line of Tunisian Banknotes
  • Celebrating 75 Years Through Coins
  • In other news…
  • Upcoming Events

May 2022

  • Spain’s New Printworks Complete – Machinery Moves In
  • Profits Up for De La Rue, Despite Headwinds
  • The Cash Industry’s Concerns – Then and Now
  • RBI Annual Report Reflects a More Normal Year
  • Year of Pivot Pays Off for Royal Canadian Mint
  • News in Brief
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire – Leading the Way on Safer, Greener, More Secure Banknotes
  • People in the News
  • K&B BNS Open House Demonstrates a Clear Strategy
  • Unique 3D RELIEF Effects for Premium New Thread
  • Move and Approve with Motus
  • Currency and the Metaverse
  • Cash and Payments: The Sustainability Forum
  • IBDA Announce ‘The Developers Lounge’ & Cash Innovation Zone’ at the 6th IBDC
  • 6th Coin Conference Goes to Amsterdam
  • Nominations Open for Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins
  • White Nights for HSP EMEA 2022
  • Global Currency Forum – A Different Approach to Debating Cash
  • The CashTech Innovation Awards
  • The Green Banknote – Sustainability at Every Level
  • Standing Secure with New Barbados Series
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • Crane – One Becomes Two
  • Royal Mint’s E-Waste Recycling Moves Forward
  • Moving Sustainability Centre Stage
  • Mint of Finland Returns to Profit
  • Metal in Australian Coins Worth More than Face Value
  • News in Brief
  • G+D Reports One of Best Years in History
  • De La Rue Issues Trading Update
  • SICPA Names New Campus for Economy of Trust
  • New Cash Centre for DNB Next Year
  • All Change at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • The Innovation Keeps Flowing
  • IGNITE-ing New Thread Possibilities
  • Interactive Features from IQ Structures
  • Is a Fully Circular Approach to Banknotes Possible?
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a Green Cash Cycle
  • MDC Online Bridges the Gap for Mints
  • EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) is Back – in Istanbul
  • Malawi’s New 5,000 Kwacha – Advanced Security for the Warm Heart of Africa
  • Yet Another Award for Mexican Banknotes
  • In Other News…
  • BP – A New Name in Banknote Paper
  • Upcoming Events

March 2022

  • Environmental Impact of New Swiss Banknote Series
  • New Ink Facility for India
  • The Role of Cash in War
  • News in Brief
  • A Mixed Bag in Latest Results from Cash Leaders
  • Winners of Central Banking Awards 2022
  • Connected Banknote Wins Digital Currency Award
  • Glory Global Solutions – an Asian Perspective on a Global Company
  • The Future of Banknote Security – A Professor’s View
  • Russia Invades Ukraine, Sanctions, Energy Crisis, Inflation and COVID – Markets Surprisingly Stable!
  • People in the News
  • Bioguard – the Precautionary Solution for Safer Banknotes
  • Green Banknote Initiative
  • De La Rue Publishes SBTi Targets
  • Kurz Issues Sustainability Report
  • Sustainability – a Better Way to do Business
  • HSP Latin America Builds Back Better
  • GCF 2022 Ready to Launch at New Location in Port Aventura
  • The EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) – Istanbul
  • Awards Recognise Outstanding Design and Innovation in Latin American Banknotes
  • Uzbekistan – Great Silk Road Reflected in Designs and Threads
  • Fiji Celebrates Rugby Triumph at Olympics
  • In Other News…
  • More Caribbean Countries Switch to Polymer
  • Upcoming Events

February 2022

  • The Importance of Cash in War
  • Open Sesami – A New Force in Cash Management Technology
  • Understanding an Industry
  • Good Times Return for Cash Industry Leaders
  • News in Brief
  • Brinks’ Digital Vision to Disrupt the Cash Management Industry
  • People in the News
  • Countering Counterfeiting – Adversarial Analysis
  • Why Perception Studies Need to Be Considered in a Wider Context
  • Meta Materials Previews New KolourOptik Stripe
  • SAFEGUARD® – the Most Complete Banknote Substrate Solution Available?
  • SPARTAN: Transformational New Option at the Note/Coin Boundary
  • Long, Longer, Longest Yet
  • Open House at Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions
  • The Industry Finally Gets Together Again
  • IACA Awards – the Winners Are…
  • Kazakhstan’s New 20,000 Tenge – Memorable on So Many Counts
  • Guyana’s Celebration of Independence

January 2022

  • Celebrating 20 Years of the Euro, and Record Lows for Counterfeiting
  • Thailand Adopts Polymer for Highest Use Note
  • Sustainability Starts with Central Banks
  • New Business Segment for Goznak as it Enters Banknote Processing Market
  • COVID 19 Impacts De La Rue Turnaround Plan
  • News in Brief
  • Cash Trends and The Future of Cash in the Eurozone
  • The Challenges and Achievements of a 23-Year Career in Banknotes
  • RBNZ Seeks Feedback to Determine Cash System Redesign
  • The Green Banknote Initiative
  • HUMANIA: One Note, One Jab
  • The Role of Cash Cycle Analytics when Considering Banknote Durability
  • Supporting Design Excellence – ONE Security Software Becomes Two Point One
  • Upgrade for DLR Analytics™
  • HSP Latin America Goes Ahead - Programme Published
  • The Conference Scene for 2022 – Back in Business at Last
  • Full Steam Ahead for Banknote & Currency Conference in February
  • More Dialogue and Interaction for Designers
  • Bahamas New Series – a Case Study for Successful Feature/Substrate Pairings
  • Albania Completes Modern New Series
  • In Other News…
  • Progress on ECB’s Environmental Cash Programme
  • Upcoming Events

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CMNQ January 2022

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - January 2022

December 2021

  • Euro Banknotes Set for 1st Redesign in Two Decades
  • Philippines Polymer Trial Takes Shape
  • 2021: A Groundhog Year
  • News in Brief
  • Cape Verde Goes Clean and Green with New Disposal System
  • People in the News
  • Headlines of 2021 That Was the Year That Was…
  • A Lifetime Career of Development, Progression and Team Work
  • Good Results Fail to Impress the Markets
  • Cash Access in a Less-Cash World
  • Israel: Cash – The Point of No Return
  • Survival Analysis of Bank Note Circulation: Fitness, Network Structure and Machine Learning
  • Japan’s Paradox of Banknotes
  • Innovations from KURZ in Digitalisation and Threads
  • IACA Announces Shortlist for 2022 Excellence in Currency Awards
  • New Report Explores Printing Beyond Colour
  • Designing for CINEMA™ – A New Dimension in Banknote Security
  • HSP Awards Celebrate Best in Class of 2021
  • Lesotho – Unmatched Security from Within the Roof of Africa’s New Series
  • In Celebration of the XXIV Winter Olympics

November 2021

  • DNB Study Lays Out the Future of Cash in the Netherlands
  • Two More New Wins for CPS
  • The Role of Cash in a Digital World
  • Pakistan's Answer to Banknote Destruction
  • New Facility Doubles BEP Budget for 2022
  • News in Brief
  • G+D Wins CBDC Award, Takes on Banknote Collection
  • A Strong 1st Half and Good Outlook for De La Rue
  • Future of Banknote Distribution in Australia
  • Central Bank of Nigeria Reports on Cash for 2020
  • How CCL Secure and Innovia Films Create Bank Grade Polymer
  • Inovinks’ New IR Pigments – More than a Mirage
  • K&B BNS Goes Digital with ValiCash
  • Holograms: Eye-Catching, Distinctive and Secure
  • EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) 2022
  • Change of Dates for ODDS 2022
  • Awards for 3 New Banknote Holograms
  • New 50 Pesos Completes Mexico’s G Series
  • Note and Coin News
  • Glory Continues Drive to New Cash Management Solutions
  • Upcoming Events

October 2021

  • Royal Mint to Recycle Precious Metals from Electronics Waste
  • ‘Cash: a Roadmap to Sustainability’
  • Hot Air, Hard Data
  • A One-Time Boost for Cash Volumes in Australia
  • Philippines the Latest Country to Trial Polymer
  • News in Brief
  • Cash Processing Solutions – a Well-Kept Secret
  • Four Nations – An International Collaboration to Produce Actionable Banknote Design Guidelines
  • People in The News
  • Sustainability: A Hallmark of Cash
  • Optical & Digital Document Security Conference Programme
  • Beyond Traditions – Future in Security Printing
  • Virtual EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) & 2022 Cash Cycle Dates
  • WBS Announces Agenda
  • Strong Currency Focus at Annual Holography Conference
  • Nepal Continues Roll-Out of New Banknote Series
  • In Other Note and Coin News
  • Smiley’s People – RDM Issues 1st Not for Profit Coin for Charity
  • Upcoming Events

September 2021

  • De La Rue to Further Upgrade Production in Malta
  • Major Order from India for CPS
  • After the Pandemic – What Next for the Cash Industry?
  • NPA’s New MES Delivered On Time, Despite Challenges
  • The CashTech Forum – Where Cash and Digital Technology Meet
  • Goznak Sales and Profit Fall in 2020, but Exports Up
  • News in Brief
  • Bank Al-Maghrib Invests in Green Technology
  • The Paradoxical Development of the Usage of Cash During the Pandemic: Part II
  • Uncertainty Prevails
  • People in the News
  • Why Cash Matters – Not Despite but Because of COVID
  • Winners of IACA Awards for Pandemic Response Initiatives
  • Nominations for 2022 Awards
  • Guatemalan Independence Creates a Banknote in a New Light
  • More Bicentennial Celebrations
  • In Other News…
  • Regional Banknote of the Year Awards to Go Online for 2021
  • Upcoming Events

August 2021

  • Catch Me if You Can – ECB Reports on Cash and COVID
  • Pakistan To Try Out Polymer
  • All Eyes on COP 26 and Climate Change
  • CCL Secure Makes MultiMillion Investment
  • Nanotech Sells to Smart Light Company
  • News In Brief
  • The ICA – An Opportunity to be a Force for Good
  • Cash & Payment News August Issue
  • Diversity Exemplified in G7 Banknote Denominations
  • How to ‘Green’ the Cash Cycle
  • Krypten Plans Release of 3D-GRAM® CONTRUST
  • Registered Threads – Perfect Security, Perfect Storytelling
  • IBDA – New Perspectives
  • Mint & Print is Back
  • Sign up to the CBDC Academy
  • No Free Lunches – Next MDC Webinar Covers Hidden Cost of Payments
  • Environment, Cost and Social Responsibility at Heart of New Eastern Caribbean Series
  • Note and Coin News
  • ZEISER Acquires Track and Trace Technology from Inspectron

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CMNQ August 2021

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - August 2021

July 2021

  • EverFit Takes Step Forward with New Portals/Banque de France Agreement
  • New Features Sought for US Currency
  • Philippines Keeps the Cash Circulating During COVID, and Saves on Costs
  • Delay to Banque de France’s New Printworks
  • News in Brief
  • Royal Mint's Bumper Year Despite COVID-19 and Fall in Circulating Coins
  • 100 Years of SARB, the Pandemic and Recent Events
  • A Career Managing the World’s Most Iconic Currency
  • IACA Awards for COVID Measures
  • Cash & Payment News July Issue
  • SPARK® – the Innovation Journey Continues to FLOW
  • AerisProven to Eliminate COVID 19 in One Hour
  • Large Area and High Impact… It’s All About the Windows for Polymer Banknotes
  • Honduran Bicentennial Banknote Celebrates Education and Environment
  • Peru Begins Roll Out of New Series
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

June 2021

  • Support for Euro Remains High, but Not for Low Value Coins
  • Goznak Buys Banknote Innovation Systems
  • When is a Counterfeit not a Counterfeit? We Need to Know!
  • Glory – a Mixed Picture Across Global Markets
  • People In The News
  • News in Brief
  • A Busy Year for the RBI
  • Defining Minimum Visual Quality Standards: Malaysia's Approach
  • The Bank of England – Planning for the 'New Normal'
  • Bank of England Annual Report – Banknotes Increase, Counterfeits Fall
  • The New £50
  • The Paradoxical Development of the Usage of Cash: a Global Update
  • Markets Gain as Confidence Returns
  • New Traffic Light Security Ink from GSI
  • Before, During and After the Pandemic – Measures Taken, Lessons Learned
  • Cash & Payment News June
  • Banknote Security: Getting People to Pay Attention
  • Sustainability and Protecting the Environment in Banknote Presses and Printing
  • Changes to Currency News, and New Online Platform
  • Event Update from Currency Research
  • Albania Rolls Out New Series with Two More Notes
  • In Other News…
  • Imagining the Currency of the Future

May 2021

  • A New Star is Born
  • US Coin Shortages Persist
  • Two Peas in a Pod: Cash and CBDCs
  • News in Brief
  • Celebrations for Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering
  • Turnaround Plan Pays Off for De La Rue
  • A Year of Pivot for RCM, as Bullion Sales Boom, But Coins Decline
  • Return to Profit on Cards for Finnish Mint
  • Counterfeiters Turn their Attention to Polymer
  • Getting Behind the Counterfeit Banknote Statistics
  • CCL Secure Targets Note/Coin Boundary with SPARTAN
  • Smart Solutions for Banknote Destruction from CPS and Hunkeler
  • HUMANIA Celebrates 1st Banknote Design Submissions
  • World ATM Day – Celebrating the World’s Original Fintech
  • May’s edition of Cash & Payment News
  • CBDC Conference Update
  • A New 'Super Event' for Physical, Digital and Virtual Document Security
  • Telling the Cash Environmental Story to the Green Community
  • Cash in Times of Turmoil
  • New Dates for MDC
  • Future of Cash: Continuing the Conversation
  • Qatar’s New Banknotes – Art, Progress and Technology Brought Together
  • Vietnam Marks 18 Years of Polymer Banknotes
  • Russia Moves Forward with New Series

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CMNQ April 2021

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - April 2021

April 2021

  • Portals to Acquire Fedrigoni’s Security Business
  • Bank of England Shrinks Cash Footprint
  • Sustainability – the New Normal After the Pandemic
  • News in Brief
  • G+D Reports Strong 2020 Despite the Pandemic
  • Bank of Canada Reports on 2020
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Cash Operations in Malaysia
  • Major Milestone for Schuler
  • World Earth Day – What is Our Industry Doing to Support Sustainability?
  • Portals Invests to Deliver Sustainability
  • G+D and UN Global Compact – Greener Banknotes
  • G+D Partners with Doconomy for Payments
  • Cash As Part of a Sustainable Future Payments Mix
  • What Makes Polymer Banknotes Green?
  • 'Four Nations' Common Adversarial Analysis Assessment Methodology
  • Hybrid ADDvance® – Creating Long Lasting Confidence
  • Hybridised Systems – The Future of Banknotes?
  • Manufacturing Excellence – the Seprinto & Partners Way
  • Using Advanced Maths for Inspection
  • More Than You Knew There was to Know – the 'Security Threads for Banknotes' Report
  • Denmark’s Route to Upgraded Banknotes
  • Note and Coin News

March 2021

  • The ECB’s Environmental Sustainability Journey
  • New £50 Note Celebrates Science and Diversity
  • Has Globalisation Had its Day?
  • Bitcoin and Banknotes – When Physical Meets Digital
  • Goznak Moves into Digital Payments
  • Russia Unveils New Plans for Banknotes and Cash Circulation
  • Five Winners in Expanded Range of Central Banking Awards
  • Prosegur Takes Over Services from Cash Subsidiary
  • Orell Füssli Results for 2020 Demonstrate Resilience
  • KOMSCO Implements Emergency Measures
  • Shareholders Approve G4S Acquisition
  • Koenig & Bauer Exceeds Forecast, but Pandemic Takes Toll
  • News in Brief
  • Spectra Launches New COVID-19 Banknote Disinfection System
  • Luminescence Sun Chemical Security – Combining Family Values with Global Reach
  • COVID-19 Recovery Dominates Markets
  • People in the News
  • Game Changers Smooth Banknote Production
  • Checking in With You – About Corvina
  • Banknote Security – Don´t Take the Risk!
  • Cash & Payment News in March
  • The Unique Identity of a Polymer Banknote
  • The Risks Around Generic Security Features
  • ECCB Completes its New Series

February 2021

  • Cash Industry Joins Forces to Meet Climate Targets
  • The View from China
  • How the Cash Industry Can Turn Goodwill into Practice
  • Cash Industry Leaders – What a Difference a Year Makes
  • News in Brief
  • CEO Baton Passed on at Koenig & Bauer
  • New Home for SICPA Down Under
  • An Interview with the Chairman of the Board of CBPM
  • Solidarity in Times of Crisis
  • Seaweed – a Natural Solution to Keep Banknotes Clean
  • 2020: A Good Year for Polymer Banknotes
  • Shrap Offers a Future Without Coins
  • Banque de France Invests in Modernisation
  • Healthy Indoor Environment for Banks and Banknote Processing
  • Authentication Through Animation
  • Security Threads for Banknotes
  • BIN Global Central Bank Survey Results
  • Cash & Payment News in February
  • The Modern Omani Renaissance in Banknotes
  • Libya Marks Anniversary with New Polymer Note

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January 2021

  • Record Low for Euro Counterfeits in 2020
  • De La Rue Expands Polymer Production
  • Learning from the Pandemic
  • Bank of England Announces 2nd Banknote Call Offs
  • NCR Buys Cardtronics
  • News in Brief
  • US Mint Moves Ahead with Request to Change Coin Compositions
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward – 5 Different Views on 5 Key Trends
  • Windowed Security Threads – Wider, Longer, Better
  • Gietz Expands Portfolio with MABEG
  • Holograms for Banknote Protection
  • The Puzzle of Damaged Banknotes
  • Banknote and Currency Combine into One Super Conference
  • Preview of the Latest in Coins and Minting Technology
  • Future of Cash Conference Online 17-18 February 2021
  • We are Going Online… and Weekly!
  • Cash & Payment News in January
  • Cash Essentials Launches Cash Glossary
  • Angola’s Kwanza Series 2020 – an Exercise in Cooperation and Innovation
  • Truly Eyecatching New Features for Azerbaijan Manat

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