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June 2024

Getting to Grips with Micro-Organisms

A Day Late and a Dollar Short?

Q&T Secures Further Contract for Vietnamese Currency

RCM Among Canada’s Best Corporate Citizens – Again

‘BNSx’ Strives to Achieve Excellence at Koenig & Bauer 

People in the News

News in Brief

Central Banks and Cash Round-Up

Reasons to Introduce a New Series or Upgrade

New Zealand Marks 25 Years of Polymer Banknotes

France Working Hard on End-to-End Cash Sustainability

Enterprise Cash Management Limited Unveils ECM™ – Centralised Control

Shake, Rattle and Roll – Diametryx’s Innovative Colour Change Particles

A New Approach for Detecting Counterfeit Coins

Equinox: On the Cusp of Change

More House Notes Demonstrate Innovation and Artistry

Outstanding Design and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean

House Notes Continue to Demonstrate Innovation and Artistry

Note and Coin News

Milestone on Pathway to New Caribbean Guilder

May 2024

CPS Returns, Launches Green Strategy

Challenging Manufacturing ‘Truth’: Is Small Beautiful?

Glory Bounces Back

Future of Meta Materials in Doubt

News in Brief

Some Ups, Some Downs for Mints

Stop Press - De La Rue for Sale?

Celebrating 20 Years of MOTION®

Kusters’ Latest Insight into Recycling End of Life Banknotes

Counterfeit Corner

IQ Structures and Hueck Folien Launch Nanoswitch™

A New Polymer Enters the Market

Every Little Bit of Sustainability Helps

Secure Innovation Launches Remote Planet

IACA Awards – the Winners Are…

Time for Confidence in Cash

DENARIA – Ensuring Fair Access to Cash

The Value that Cash Brings to Society: Global Currency Forum 2024

Cash Sustainability Forum Draws Close

First Speakers Announced for the CBDC Conference 2024

Ignis House Note – Out of Darkness Comes Fire

Note and Coin News

Kyrgyzstan Completes New Series

In Other News…

April 2024

Aligning Euro Banknote Policies with Paris Agreement Targets

New Banknote Series – Challenging the Convention

Royal Mint Pulls Out of Export Business for Circulating Coins

Record Year for G+D

News in Brief

A New Force in Vietnam for Polymer Production

World’s First Certified Circular Polymer Substrate

Fed Deep Dives into Data to Report on Demand for US Banknotes Post-COVID

Around the World – Counterfeiting Update

IACA – Celebrating 20 Years as the Only Global Association for All Cash Stakeholders

From Secrecy to Transparency – The Evolution of Banknote Communications

The Directory of Currency & Technology Suppliers

Polymer Banknotes Outperform Paper on Strength and Security

Biobased Carbon Content for Banknotes

Central Banking Awards Recognise Currency Management and Initiative

2024 Banknote Conference: Final Call

CBPM’s New Integrated Process and Packaging Line - Less Manual, More Intelligent

Cash Sustainability Forum Takes Shape

HSP Latin America Heads to Chile

Commemorative Banknote Celebrates Year of the Dragon

Note and Coin News

Another New Currency for Zimbabwe

March 2024

Don’t Cry for Milei, Argentina

People in the News

More States Considers Cash Legislation

BEP Pushes Ahead with Modernisation, Expansion and New Series

Crane to Acquire OpSec

A Positive Picture for Cash Companies in 2023 – Part 2

News in Brief

Counterfeit Corner

Around the World – Counterfeiting Update

The SIR – the Next Frontier in Security Images

Turning Cash into Compost

Best in Design and Innovation in EMEA Recognised at 2024 Awards

Banknote Industry Strives to Thrive

IACA Awards – the Finalists Are…

Programme Overview – 2024 Banknote Conference

Suriname Goes Green for New High Denominations

Note and Coin News

February 2024

Germany Launches the National Cash Forum to Stabilise the Cash Cycle

IMBISA Secures First Euro Orders

Increase in Notes (and Coins) for US Federal Reserve

Authentix® and De La Rue Launch Robust Covert Banknote Authentication Solution

BSP Ups Orders for Polymer Notes

A Positive Picture for Cash Companies in 2023

News In Brief

Intaglio Platemaking for the Future from Jura and OEBS

Ancient and Modern – Using Kazakhstan’s Unique Cultural Heritage to Create Pioneering New Banknote Series

Counterfeit Corner

Sustainability – Essential to Banknote Design

Polymer’s Not the Problem. It’s the Green Choice

Getting Ready for the Future

Registered Threads – Predictable Placement Dynamics

Cash Recycling and Recirculation

Security Designers Forum – New Event for the Banknote Design Community

The Beauty of Concept Notes 

Webinars for All Aspects of Cash

Koenig & Bauer and the Future of Banknotes

Note and Coin News

Ukraine Marks 2nd Anniversary of Invasion


Free Issue

January 2024

  • Levels of Euro Counterfeiting Remain Low in 2023
  • New Year, New Name!
  • Currency News Comes of Age
  • What Goes Round Comes Round in the Minting Industry
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • News in Brief
  • SPMCIL Records Strong Growth
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • 2024: a Year of Protecting Cash
  • People in the News
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward – What Does 2024 Have in Store?
  • Visibility and Collaboration Go Hand in Hand
  • Demand for ATMs Evolving and Growing
  • What 2024 Holds for Cash?
  • Outlook for Cash a Complex Tapestry
  • A Year to Plan Ahead and Adapt
  • Focus Moves from Reconnection to Unity
  • Latest Cash Trends in the United States
  • Speaker Highlight – 2024 Banknote Conference
  • CBPM Undergoes Transformation from Information Technology to Intelligence Technology
  • Cash Sustainability Forum 2024
  • ODDS Continues Big Debate
  • A Full Programme for HSP EMEA in Sofia
  • Gifting Money – My Personal Experience
  • Note And Coin News
  • In Other News...

December 2023

  • ECB Identifies Banknote Environmental Impact
  • Denmark to Change its Banknotes
  • Misinformation and Money: Debunking Myths in the Currency World
  • Spectra Buys Cartor
  • CCL Secure: A Year of Innovation and Collaboration
  • De La Rue Boosted by Recovering Demand
  • News in Brief
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • Headlines of 2023: That Was the Year That Was…
  • Kando, Omotenashi and Kaizen –Three of the Core Principles of Komori as it Celebrates 100 Years
  • The Phoenix Rises
  • New Report on House Notes
  • Hueck Folien Moves Ahead with Optomove
  • Quoted Companies in the Currency Industry in 2023 – Broadly Positive Results Indicate Return to Normality
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • Four Years On, HSP Returns to Asia
  • New Security Image Register Launched
  • Master Blaster Graces New ECCB Note
  • In Other News…
  • Recognising Excellence in Banknotes from Asia
  • Upcoming Events

November 2023

  • Design of New Euro Banknote a Choice Between Culture and Nature
  • Nigeria Bins Demonetisation
  • Cash Crash in Australia?
  • META Materials Plans Focus on Security
  • Indian Papermaker Hits 100,000 Tonne Milestone
  • People in the News
  • News in Brief
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • The Creation of Europe’s Newest Banknote Printing Facility
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • Using Buying Power to Reduce Environmental Impacts
  • Delivering Banknote Security Through Technology… Louisenthal´s Solution
  • Banknote Fibre Extraction – Repurposing Goes Greener
  • Digital Intelligence in Banknote Printing
  • Holograms Head Up Security Awards
  • The Best in CashTech 2023
  • MDC Awards Create a Buzz
  • 6th MAP Conference Embraces the Challenge to Cash
  • Innovation and Exploration Take Centre Stage in Bilbao
  • National Day of Currency in Kazakhstan
  • Morocco Rolls out New Note and Coin Series
  • In other news…
  • Upcoming Events

October 2023

  • World’s No 1 ATM Company Goes it Alone
  • A New Association for Mints is Born
  • New Board and ICA Focus for 2024
  • Steady Sustainability Progress in UK Cash Cycle
  • Volumes Down, Sales Up for Australian Coins
  • KBBS Partners with BIRKAN for Consumables
  • News In Brief
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • Diversification, Culture and People Provide Blueprint for the Future of Canadian Bank Note
  • People in the News
  • Oberthur Demonstrates the Art of Animation with New Security Thread
  • ISRA BankStar for Thread Inspection
  • Delivering Cash Cycle Resilience and Efficiency
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • A BAAD™ Way to Assess Substrate Durability
  • HSP Asia Heads to Sri Lanka
  • Americas Cash Cycle & Payments Seminar
  • A Full Agenda for Banknote Conference 2024
  • Conservation at Heart of New UK Coins
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

September 2023

  • Toshiba Thrown a Lifeline as Bid Takes it Private
  • Award for Oberthur for UN 2030 Agenda
  • Where’s the Money? The Challenge of Managing Change
  • Koenig & Bauer Steps into Digital Authentication
  • A New Force in Consultancy and Strategic Advice
  • INX and SICPA Team Up for CBDC
  • Interim Results Broadly Positive for Industry
  • News in Brief
  • G+D Promotes the Value of Cash for Society
  • People In The News
  • Demand for Cash Under Uncertainty: A Global Update for 2023
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • Micro-Optics Partnership Drives New Security Threads for Banknotes
  • The Security Ink Supplier of Chinese Banknotes and Beyond
  • A Quantum Leap for Meta Materials
  • CTiP III Offers New Greener Engraving
  • Is Cash a Public Good or a Basic Right?
  • Framing the Narrative for the Future of Cash
  • Global Social and Financial Skills Conference – Empowering Generations, Sparking Change
  • Debating the Key Trends at Asia Cash Cycle Seminar
  • The Caribbean – A Celebration of SAFEGUARD Polymer
  • BSP Collects Award for Banknote of the Year
  • Revealing Plans for EQUINOX24 – One Piece at a Time
  • Upcoming Events

August 2023

  • Enshrining the Right to Cash in Law
  • New Partnership for Financial Literacy
  • Cash and the Politicisation of Payments
  • Vacuumatic Restructures, Expands in Germany
  • NCR Moves Forward with Separation Plan
  • Hitachi Moves into Cash Services
  • News in Brief
  • Transforming Sludge from Intaglio Printing into Green Alternative
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • Using Banknotes in the Drive to Improve Financial Literacy
  • Next Generation Cash Processing from G+D
  • Neurocash – A New Way of Designing Cash
  • Banknote Design Concepts of the Future
  • Get the Vibe with New Thread from SURYS
  • New KINEGRAM Reference Book from KURZ
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • Banking on World Heritage
  • MDC to Debate Innovation, ESG and Coins in a Digital World
  • Fiji Issues Lucky Dragon Note
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

July 2023

  • Shortlist of New Euro Design Themes Unveiled
  • New Printworks for Poland
  • Cash Goes Bananas
  • IN Groupe Buys GSI
  • Oumolat Becomes 1st BnEI Member from the Middle East
  • Bulgaria Delays Euro Entry, Agrees on Coins
  • News In Brief
  • G+D Goes Big on Sustainability at Symposium
  • More Coins on Horizon for Polish Mint
  • Royal Mint Invests in New Future to Offset Falling Demand
  • People in the News
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • SURYS – Acquisitions Point to Ambitions in Physical and Digital Security
  • Polymer Features Pay Homage to the Universe
  • How to Do Demonetisation Well – the Kenyan Experience
  • From Costa Rica to Meta’s Latest Plasmonic Banknote Security Feature
  • Latest News on Composting Banknote Waste
  • KURZ Recognised for Sustainability Progress
  • Currency Conference: An Industry in Change – Part 2
  • Cash & Payment News
  • Lesotho´s Green Banknote Meets the Kingdom`s Sustainability Goals
  • Japan to Issue New Series in 2024
  • In Other News…
  • China Invests in Inspection and Platemaking
  • Upcoming Events

June 2023

  • Laws to Protect Cash Gain Momentum
  • Indian Banknote Firm Eyes Global Growth
  • Be Bold. Buy the Best.
  • Armaguard/Prosegur Merger Goes Ahead
  • NCR – Momentum Builds for Separation
  • Diebold Nixdorf Enters Chapter 11 to Restructure Debt
  • News in Brief
  • A Good Year for South Africa’s Producers
  • Signs of Recovery as De La Rue Resolves Financial Issues
  • Cash Community Initiatives from CashEssentials
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • CBPM’s Progress on Sustainable Production and Environmental Protection
  • PerceptNote Puts Banknote Designs to the Test
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • The Absence of Everything – New Concepts Pioneered by BDR and Partners
  • Design Thinking: Security that is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
  • Windows and all That Jazz
  • Currency Conference: An Industry in Change – Part 1
  • Cash & Payment News
  • Nassau – A Spectacular Setting for HSP LatAm 2023
  • Awards for Best in Latin American and Caribbean Banknotes
  • MDC Coin Awards Now Open for Nominations
  • Mauritania Trials New Substrates versus Polymer
  • Jamaica Makes the Change
  • Upcoming Events

May 2023

  • IN Groupe Acquires Portals’ Italian Security Business
  • India Withdraws Top Denomination
  • Has the Penny Finally Dropped?
  • Authentix Begins Production of CDI2 Compliant Detectors for Fed
  • New Partnership to Drive New Solutions for OVD Foil Application
  • 2022: Royal Canadian Mint Meets Expectations
  • Glory Results Impaired by Post COVID Supply and Cost Issues
  • News in Brief
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • The New ICA Leadership – on Mission for Cash
  • People in the News
  • Best Practices in Level 3 Feature Selection and Use
  • Unfit Banknotes Transformed in Brazil
  • Cash is as Important as Food
  • A New Dimension in Ink Security from Gleitsmann
  • Koenig & Bauer Invests in the Green Future of Currency
  • Optical & Digital Document Security – Where Physical Meets Digital
  • Banking on World Heritage
  • Designing the Cash Cycle of the Future
  • IACA Excellence in Currency Awards 2023
  • G+D Symposium Focuses on Topics Driving Cash
  • South Africa Upgrades Banknotes and Issues New Coin Series
  • In Celebration of the 17th Pacific Games
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

April 2023

  • Crane NXT Goes for Growth as Independent Company
  • BEP Ramps Up for New Catalyst Series
  • The Drop in Demand for New Banknotes
  • Record Results Even in a Challenging Year for G+D
  • Koenig & Bauer Exceeds Forecast
  • De La Rue Impacted by Low Banknote Demand
  • News in Brief
  • Mixed Picture for Mints’ Annual Results
  • US Coin Production Returns to More Normal Levels
  • Central Banks and Cash Round-Up
  • 40 Years in Central Banking Fostering Women’s Leadership
  • New Name for Agfa Offset as Sale Completed
  • Pulsar™ Threads – a Dynamic Response to the Threat of Counterfeiting
  • The Paradox of Counterfeit Deterrence and Detection
  • Get Ready for Currency Conference in Mexico City
  • HSP Latin America Heads to the Caribbean
  • De La Rue Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of SAFEGUARD
  • Philippines Scoops IBNS Award
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

March 2023

  • Hungary Regulates Minimum Currency Infrastructure Requirements
  • Nigeria’s About Turn on Currency Changeover
  • META Continues to Burn Through Cash
  • More Cash Leaders Report Return to Good Times
  • New Expert Counterfeit Service for Currency
  • The Story of the Demise of Cash Processing Solutions
  • News in Brief
  • Oumolat Means Currency, and Business
  • Voith’s Papermaking for Life
  • Komori’s Environmental Journey and Commitment
  • Intelligent Security with RAPID Vision and Secure Colour Movement
  • Building a Resilient Cash Infrastructure
  • Distinkt – a New Name in Nanotech Authentication
  • Recognising Outstanding Design and Innovation in EMEA Banknotes
  • Bahamas Recognised with 2023 Public First Award
  • Finalists for IACA Awards 2023
  • Winners of Central Banking Awards 2023
  • What to Do with Banknotes at End of Life?
  • The Wow Factor for HSP EMEAE in Abu Dhabi
  • New Caribbean Guilder On the Way
  • In Other News…
  • Currency Conference Heads to Mexico
  • Upcoming Events

February 2023

  • Nigeria’s Money Swap Saga
  • Oberthur Buys Micro-Optics Technology
  • Resilience of Cash in Crises
  • Low Levels of Euro Counterfeiting for 2022
  • Good Times Continue for Cash Industry Leaders
  • News in Brief
  • People in the News
  • How Ukraine is Managing Cash in a War
  • Ukraine Commemorative Notes and Coins
  • Getting Cash Moving Again in a Crisis-Stricken Country
  • Preparing for Future Crises in Germany
  • Using Unfit Cotton Banknote Shreds to Grow Trees
  • The Challenge of Sustainability in Procurement
  • A Quick Trip to the ‘Enhanced’ Galaxy
  • Cash Industry Directory is Back
  • HSP 2023 Kicks Off in Abu Dhabi
  • New Note and Coin Database for Currency News
  • Follow the Silk Road to Kazakhstan
  • Poland Commemorates Copernicus
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • All Eyes on Africa as Egypt Hosts Spectacular ACF
  • KBBNS Teams with SONECT for Access to Cash
  • 20 Years of Currency News – Here’s to the Next 20
  • CPS Pivots to Software and Services
  • De La Rue Suspends Production in Kenya
  • NASPS – a Lotus Flower in the Desert
  • News in Brief
  • Good Planning Leads to a Smooth Transition for Croatia
  • 3D Circularity Insights from G+D – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Transparently Setting the Standards for Sustainability
  • Role of Next-Gen ATMs in Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Cash Works… But It Could Work Even Better!
  • Researchers Tackle Serial Number Reading
  • Crane Converts Banknote Waste to Tissue
  • Sweet Dreams from Old Banknotes in Korea
  • Putting the PUBLIC FIRST at Crane’s Central Bank Event
  • Banknote Features Scoop 2022 Holography Awards
  • ODDS Hits the Phygital Nerve
  • WBS to Focus on Crisis Management and Sustainability
  • The Year Ahead for Conferences
  • New Series for Barbados – Bajan to the Bone
  • Jordan Starts Roll-Out of New Series
  • In Other News…
  • Upcoming Events

Free Issue

CN 20 Years - January 2003

  • Bank of England to Sell Print Operation to De La Rue
  • ECB Considers Introduction of €1 and €2 Notes
  • Editorial: Communication in the Global Village
  • Document Security – Hanging by a Thread
  • Case Study: Bank of England and the New £5 Note
  • New Currency Centre in Shanghai
  • People in the News
  • Whatever Happened to… DuraNote?
  • On The Record: Interview with Antti Heinonen, ECB
  • GM Cotton Used in Euros
  • Counterfeit Corner
  • US Notes Travel South in Latin American Dollarization
  • Kosovo Rebuilds Currency Infrastructure
  • Company and Market Round-Up
  • Charter Subscriber Profile: Travelex Currency Services
  • Banknote Issues in 2003
  • Publications - Banknotes of the World 2003 - Optical Document Security
  • Banknote 2003 Conference
  • Diary: January-June 2003
  • Canada To Switch to Mould-Made Paper
  • Mexico Goes for Plastic
  • India Automates Currency Processing

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