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Getting to Grips with Micro-Organisms

At the Banknote Conference in May, Guilmar Ernesto Moncayo Ponce from the Bank of Mexico provided information about progress on the first of a three phase project looking at the presence and role of micro-organisms on banknotes.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 12:01 a.m.

HSP Latin America Returns to the ‘Land of Desert and Glaciers’

The 2024 High Security Printing™ (HSP) Latin America conference took place, for the second time in its 12-year history, in the longest and narrowest country on Earth, filled with starkly contrasting landscapes that stretch from the driest desert in the world to ancient glaciers still waiting to be discovered. That country is Chile.

Events - July 4, 2024 12:01 a.m.

In Other News…

Banco de Moçambique has launched a new series of banknotes and coins to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the central bank and the 45th anniversary of Mozambique’s currency, the metical.

News - July 4, 2024 midnight

Note and Coin News

According to the Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS), a significant milestone concerning the new Caribbean guilder has been reached, namely the printing of the first new banknotes.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

Outstanding Design and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean

The prestigious Regional Banknote and ID Document of the Year Awards form part of the industry’s High Security Printing (HSP) Latin America conference. This year’s event was held in Santiago, Chile, with the awards presented at a special ceremony, during the conference dinner on 4 June.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

More House Notes Demonstrate Innovation and Artistry

In last month’s Currency News™, we featured Bundesdruckerei’s remarkable new Ignis house note as the Banknote of the Month. In this issue, we continue the theme with the presentation of four new house notes – one from Casa de Moneda de Chile (CdM) and three from Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) – all of which combine innovative design with the latest security features from the respective companies and their partners.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

Reasons to Introduce a New Series or Upgrade

The frequency of the introduction of a new series or an upgrade was addressed in the April issue of Currency News (New Banknote Series – Challenging the Convention). In this article, Antti Heinonen continues the debate by addressing the topic from a historical perspective.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

A New Approach for Detecting Counterfeit Coins

Researchers at the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (CENPARMI) at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada have utilised image-mining techniques and machine learning algorithms to identify flaws in counterfeit coins, enabling greater detection of fakes.

Coins - July 4, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

The Bank of England has now put into circulation the new series of notes bearing the portrait of King Charles III.

News - July 4, 2024 midnight

Central Banks and Cash Round-Up

After a gap, this month we return to the periodic series of articles covering cash information in central bank annual reports, with news from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, the ECB, Ghana, Nepal, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

News - July 4, 2024 midnight

New Zealand Marks 25 Years of Polymer Banknotes

New Zealand adopted polymer banknotes in 1999. At the time, Brian Lang was Head of Currency at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ). To mark the 25th anniversary of polymerisation, we sat down with Brian to discuss the rationale behind the transition and assess its results.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

People in the News

The Federal Council of Switzerland has appointed Martin Schlegel as the new chairman of the governing board of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). He succeeds Thomas Jordan at the helm, who is retiring after more than 12 years in the position.

News - July 4, 2024 midnight

‘BNSx’ Strives to Achieve Excellence at Koenig & Bauer

Koenig & Bauer, in its report on its first quarter results, gave further details of its Spotlight programme, launched earlier this year to prioritise initiatives and business models that boost earnings and financial strength, deprioritise initiatives that do not directly impact earnings and optimise the group and segment organisation as well as the indirect cost structure to make processes even leaner and more customer-friendly.

Companies - July 4, 2024 midnight

RCM Among Canada’s Best Corporate Citizens – Again

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has once again been ranked among Corporate Knights’ Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. The ranking is based on 24 quantitative key performance indicators relating to resource management, employee management, financial management, clean revenue, clean investment and supplier performance.

Companies - July 4, 2024 midnight

Q&T Secures Further Contract for Vietnamese Currency

Q&T Hi-Tech Polymer (Q&T), the latest arrival to the polymer substrate market, has announced that it has made remarkable progress since its establishment three years ago by securing its third contract for supply of Polysecure for the Vietnamese currency.

Banknotes - July 4, 2024 midnight

A Day Late and a Dollar Short?

Is dollarisation a cure-all for unstable, hyper-inflationary nations? It is very hard to make that judgement, especially since stronger currencies, whether it be the dollar or euro, are also subject to changes in their value which may or may not benefit the dollarised economies in the short-term.

Free - July 4, 2024 midnight

Equinox: On the Cusp of Change

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions (KBBNS) has run its ‘Equinox’ customer event in parallel with the DRUPA print conference and through into June. It has used the event to showcase what it does, to launch a number of new developments, particularly its AKTINA™ product, and to make the case for thinking about banknotes, and banknote printing differently.

Companies - July 4, 2024 midnight

France Working Hard on End-to-End Cash Sustainability

The Banque de France (BdF) bulletin 250, article 5, describes its work on environmental sustainability1. The paper offers up a model for others to consider detailing BdF’s work on areas it controls directly, banknote paper and printing and its cash centres, and its collaborative work with others in the cash cycle. While some will not have the resources to build new facilities, the paper is full of specific changes of every size and type which others could consider.

Sustainability - July 4, 2024 midnight

Enterprise Cash Management Limited Unveils ECM™ – Centralised Control

In last month’s issue of Currency News™, we covered the rebirth of CPS and its new strategy for sustainability, flexibility and digitisation driven by data for the banknote fitness sorting and authentication sector. As part of this strategy, CPS has worked with its sister-company Enterprise Cash Management (ECM) to develop ECM™ – Centralised Control, which was launched at the Banknote Conference in May

Companies - July 4, 2024 midnight