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Industry and Consumer Groups Convene to Support Cash

In addition to the industry associations that are advocating for cash, two new initiatives in Europe have demonstrated the scope for campaigns to promote cash acceptance at the country level by harnessing interest groups throughout society.

Companies - November 4, 2022 midnight

The End of the Line for Banknotes in Pakistan

Last November we ran an article on a research project by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation to evaluate the parameters for composting waste from banknote production by mixing it with manure. This time it’s the turn of the State Bank of Pakistan, and what it does in terms of dealing with banknotes at the end of their life.

Central Banks - August 31, 2022 midnight

Green Light for New French Printworks

The Banque de France (BdF) has announced that the construction of a new banknote printworks on the same site as its paper mill in Vic-le-Comte (Europafi) is going ahead, and will be completed in 2026 at a cost of €220 million.

Free - August 2, 2022 midnight

Croatia Gets Green Light to Adopt Euro in 2023

It’s official – Croatia has been given the green light to adopt the euro as its currency. On 12 July the Council of the European Union formally approved its accession to the euro area on 1 January 2023.

Central Banks - August 2, 2022 midnight

SARB Maintains Denominational Mix

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has recently commented about options for its denominational structure, following ‘fake news’ that it is planning to introduce a new high denomination R500 note and R10 coin.

Central Banks - August 2, 2022 midnight

Steady Progress by the Bank of England

The Bank of England has issued its Annual Report for 2022. The key themes relating to banknote issuance and management were the completion of the polymer series of banknotes with the issuance of the £50 banknote, actions to safeguard access to cash and deposit services and the environmental impact of banknote operations.

Central Banks - June 30, 2022 midnight

Counterfeiting in Australia

Counterfeiting of Australian banknotes is approaching its lowest level in a decade. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has carried out an analysis of the factors playing a role in this decline and quantified their effects. The report – Recent Trends in Counterfeiting – has been published in its June Bulletin.

Counterfeiting - June 30, 2022 midnight

BSP Moves Forward with New Production Facility

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has received approval for a budget of at least P25 billion ($450 million) for the construction of its new Currency Production Facility (CPF) in a 31.2 hectare complex in New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac.

Central Banks - June 30, 2022 midnight

Spain’s New Printworks Complete – Machinery Moves In

The construction of the Banco de España’s new printworks for IMBISA just outside Madrid – the first new state-owned printing plant in the EU in over 50 years – has now been completed, and work has started on moving in the new equipment.

Central Banks - June 2, 2022 midnight