Counterfeit Corner

This month we look at how to deter the most common types of counterfeits.

Counterfeiting - August 25, 2023 midnight

Counterfeit Corner

This month I would like to discuss the proliferation of novelty notes, which are purchased online and used in exchange for goods and services.

Counterfeiting - July 3, 2023 midnight

Counterfeit Corner

Welcome to ‘Kerre’s Counterfeit Corner’. This new monthly column will cover many aspects of counterfeit banknotes and periodically include interesting counterfeit examples.

Counterfeiting - June 1, 2023 midnight

A Quick Trip to the ‘Enhanced’ Galaxy

Advanced technologies continue to improve and become even more sophisticated. This is definitely so for the enduring R+D work focused on reducing the banknote counterfeit threat.

Technology - March 1, 2023 midnight

Digimarc CDS Contract Extended

Digimarc Corporation has announced a five-year extension of its agreement with the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, comprising 35 of the world’s central banks.

Companies - December 22, 2022 midnight

The Counterfeiter Classification

In our February feature on counterfeiting, Duncan Reid covered adversarial analysis. In this article he reviews the classification of counterfeiters, illustrated by case studies at each level.

Counterfeiting - August 2, 2022 midnight