Countering Counterfeiting – Adversarial Analysis

When a central bank is designing a new series or upgrading the security of the existing designs how can it be certain that the security features selected will be resilient against counterfeiting? How do they choose from the many features and technologies on offer?

Counterfeiting - February 10, 2022 midnight

When is a Counterfeit not a Counterfeit? We Need to Know!

Counterfeiting is a sensitive subject. Without counterfeiters most of us would not have a job, but central banks have a difficult line to walk. They need the public to check their banknotes, but equally they need the public to trust and have confidence in their currency.

Counterfeiting - June 29, 2021 midnight

Banknote Security: Getting People to Pay Attention

The Bundesbank reported in August 2020 a marked increase in counterfeits where no attempt had been made to mimic the security features. There is a high level of trust in the authenticity of euro banknotes.

Counterfeiting - June 29, 2021 midnight

News in Brief

Despite Sweden being in the vanguard of the cashless movement, its central bank – Sveriges Riksbank – is opening new offices to handle notes and coins.

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The Risks Around Generic Security Features

One increasingly common counterfeit technique is harvesting – the act of taking a security feature from a lower value object and incorporating it into a counterfeit banknote of higher value. There are several ways to minimise harvesting, including making each security feature bespoke.

Counterfeiting - March 30, 2021 midnight

The Unique Identity of a Polymer Banknote

When a polymer banknote is produced, a number of opacification layers are printed onto the core substrate so that it can accept the traditional banknote printing processes such as litho, intaglio, screen and letterpress printing.

Counterfeiting - March 30, 2021 midnight

Banknote Security – Don't Take the Risk! Embedded Security Features are the Benchmark for the Overwhelming Majority of Banknotes

The technology platforms used for banknotes continues to rise ever higher, for all security levels – 1, 2 and 3. Challenging and beating the counterfeiter is central to the design, functionality and security of banknotes. And we note that with a well-defined security feature matrix to raise the bar, there can be success.

Banknotes - March 30, 2021 midnight