Micro-Optics Partnership Drives New Security Threads for Banknotes

Earlier this year, Oberthur Fiduciaire announced the acquisition of a 65.5% stake in Rolling Optics. The Swedish-based company uses micro-lens patterns to create 3D effects in film, and its technology already underpins some of the existing micro-optics security features on the market (see CN February 2023).

Interviews - October 3, 2023 12:01 a.m.

Using Banknotes in the Drive to Improve Financial Literacy

Currency News caught up with Roeland Monasch, CEO of Aflatoun International, and Mark Stevenson, KBBS Market Development Manager, at Aflatoun’s headquarters in Amsterdam, to find out more about the companies' new partnership in the financial literacy space.

Interviews - August 25, 2023 midnight

The New ICA Leadership – on Mission for Cash

Further to holding the inaugural Global Currency Forum in May last year, the International Currency Association (ICA) has recently issued a white paper on cash policy as part of its advocacy work, and welcomed a new Chair and Vice Chair.

Interviews - June 1, 2023 midnight

40 Years in Central Banking Fostering Women’s Leadership

Just under a year ago, Concha Jiménez retired from the Banco de España after more than 40 years with the central bank. Concha spoke to Currency News™ about her career, key changes at the Bank, the challenges of being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated environment, and what she plans to do next.

Interviews - April 27, 2023 midnight

Building a Resilient Cash Infrastructure

In the current time of great uncertainty, with multiple crises colliding, the supply of cash plays a central role in securing a functioning economic system. At the same time, the cash infrastructure is coming under pressure economically. Thus, a resilient cash cycle that adapts quickly to changing circumstances is becoming increasingly important for central banks.

Free - April 3, 2023 midnight

Oumolat Means Currency, and Business

Oumolat Security Printing, which began operations in 2016, is not only the industry’s newest banknote printing company. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is also the first in the Middle East, taking advantage of the strategic location to offer banknote printing and services to the world.

Interviews - April 3, 2023 midnight