CPS Returns, Launches Green Strategy

Just over a year ago, CPS announced that it was exiting the market for high-speed banknote sorting systems and pivoting to software and services. It was then back in force at the Banknote Conference, unveiling its new strategy for sustainability, flexibility and digitisation for the banknote fitness sorting and authentication sector.

Sustainability - May 30, 2024 12:01 a.m.

Every Little Bit of Sustainability Helps

Gary Spinks of Security Fibres introduced his presentation in one of the Innovation Sessions at the Banknote Conference with the acknowledgement that, in the great scheme of things, security fibres are an infinitesimally small element of security paper, and therefore the impact of more sustainable fibres is limited. Even so, he said, everyone needs to do their bit.

Sustainability - May 30, 2024 midnight

Aligning Euro Banknote Policies with Paris Agreement Targets

The European Central Bank (ECB) has been working to reduce the environmental impact of euro banknotes and the Eurosystem cash cycle since the introduction of the euro in 2002. Although it has made progress, it has further goals to reduce the environmental footprint of current and future euro banknotes.

Sustainability - May 1, 2024 midnight

Biobased Carbon Content for Banknotes

The intensive focus on sustainability and greener solutions has been developing rapidly in the banknote industry. In the July 2023 edition of Currency News™, G+D described its rationale for sustainable products, and highlighted, firstly, the introduction of the Green Banknote initiative in 2022 and, subsequently, the introduction of Green Longlife™ in 2023.

Sustainability - May 1, 2024 midnight

Turning Cash into Compost

Last July, Currency News™ reported that BioBanknote, the developer of solutions for repurposing end of life banknotes, and the Banco Central de Reserva del Perú (BRCP) were conducting a composting test with the waste from banknotes withdrawn from circulation. This article provides the results of that trial.

Sustainability - April 3, 2024 midnight

Sustainability – Essential to Banknote Design

Biobanknote has spent 12 years focusing on the protection of the environment, building expert knowledge about composting banknotes, and offers professional advisory services to central banks and producers helping them set banknote specification parameters, measurement methodologies, controls and evaluations so that the new banknotes can be more sustainable throughout the cash cycle.

Sustainability - February 29, 2024 midnight

ECB Identifies Banknote Environmental Impact

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued the findings of its Product Environment Footprint (PEF) study, which focuses on the creation and life cycle of banknotes through to their disposal when they become unfit to circulate.

Sustainability - December 22, 2023 midnight

Banknote Fibre Extraction – Repurposing Goes Greener

Earlier this year Giesecke+Devrient outlined a solution for banknote waste which is ‘straightforward, flexible and scalable’ (see CN July 2023). After having introduced the concept of Banknote Fibre Extraction (BFE) at the CT Symposium, the next development phase has taken place.

Sustainability - December 1, 2023 midnight

Using Buying Power to Reduce Environmental Impacts

The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) held a webinar recently to discuss how sustainability is, and can be, incorporated into tenders by central banks. Purchasing power is, of course, a powerful lever for achieving policy goals.

Sustainability - December 1, 2023 midnight