The Currency Index

The Currency Index is a proprietary on-line guide to all the world's banknotes and coins, provided by International Reference Systems on a platform created and maintained by Regula.

It is included within the annual subscription for Currency News, Cash & Payment News and Coin & Mint News and provides a powerful tool for additional and complementary information to the news and analysis provided in the newsletters each month.

Key features include:

  • More than 2,000 banknotes in use in 220 countries
  • high resolution scans of original banknotes
  • clear and detailed descriptions provided of each note, along with images of the front and reverse (under white, UV and IR light) with photographic enlargements of key security features
  • searchable by country, currency and ISO number
  • news of forthcoming issues, as well as most recently-issued notes
  • images of all current circulating coins, with details of colour and composition, year of issue, weight, diameter, edge details
  • country sections include useful additional information data such as travel information and alternative currencies in use
  • up to date - continuously updated to ensure the information is current and accurate
  • available in multiple languages.