Imagining the Currency of the Future

The think-tank CashEssentials in collaboration with Wipplay, a community platform dedicated to photography, is back this year for its fourth photo contest, this time inviting participants to focus on imaging the future through the medium of currency.

In partnership with Citéco , Europe’s first museum dedicated to economics and Global Coin Solutions, the only full service company in North America focusing on foreign currency fundraising for charities, the contest is open to everyone across the globe and will run from 23 June-1 September 2021.

Six winners will be announced at the end of the contest, including three submissions selected by the general public and another three by a jury of renowned experts and artists including:

  • Carlos Almenar – Artist and Designer Philippe Assalit – Photographer and Visual Artist

  • Tom Badley – Artist and Designer

  • Amandine Blier – Communications Director at Citéco

  • Michelle Bonzon-Vuilleumier – Designer for Koenig & Bauer

  • Sebastien Freuler – Digital Creation Manager at SICPA

  • Scott Hutchings – President and Founder of Global Coin Solutions

  • Reto Karrer – Designer

  • Guillaume Lepecq – Chairman of CashEssentials

Entrants are invited to imagine a new currency with positive impact on society. Such imagined currency will allow the integration of images, decorations and associated values, as a well as a name.

Participants can make their own designs from scratch or use the online interface at, which provides a choice of banknote or coin templates. Then simply upload your images and fill in the various fields to design your currency.

There are no limits to what can be created, although participants should keep in mind that the currency design should illustrate a human and solidarity dimension with the objective of appropriating this medium of interaction and symbolic exchange.

The Imagine Currency photo contest project lies within the scope of HUMANIA, a global cash community initiative to support human recovery and development post-COVID-19. A selection of photos will be auctioned with the aim of raising money to support those who have been most affected by the crisis.