Steady Progress by the Bank of England

The Bank of England has issued its Annual Report for 2022. The key themes relating to banknote issuance and management were the completion of the polymer series of banknotes with the issuance of the £50 banknote, actions to safeguard access to cash and deposit services and the environmental impact of banknote operations.

Central Banks - June 30, 2022 midnight

Why Perception Studies Need to Be Considered in a Wider Context

One the sessions at the Banknote & Currency Conference was ‘Perception Studies: Producing Actionable Information to Support Data-Driven Decision Making’, in the context of: what are the most effective features on a banknote? What do people use to authenticate them? What captures their attention and how do we know?

Comment - March 3, 2022 midnight

RBNZ Seeks Feedback to Determine Cash System Redesign

As part of our series of articles around the world to assess the growing trend to digital payments and what these countries are doing to ensure ongoing access to cash in a less-cash world, this month it’s the turn of New Zealand.

Studies-Reports - February 1, 2022 midnight

Israel: Cash – The Point of No Return

Amir Safranovich, Head of Cash Management in the Currency Department at the Bank of Israel (BOI) introduced his presentation at the European Cash Cycle Seminar with the title ‘Cash: The Point of No Return’.

Studies-Reports - December 30, 2021 midnight

Bank of Canada Survival Analysis of Banknote Circulation

The Bank of Canada (BOC) has a Currency Inventory Management Strategy (IMS) based on its high-speed sorters that capture the image of every banknote, including the serial number, along with the date the banknote was created, shipped from the central bank’s distribution sites and returned to them.

Studies-Reports - December 23, 2021 midnight

Japan’s Paradox of Banknotes

While cash transactions in Japan have been declining for some time, the reduction in opportunities to pay in cash and the increased use of ‘stay at home consumption’ during the pandemic has accelerated this decline. At the same time the ratio of banknotes to GDP has risen very significantly.

Studies-Reports - December 23, 2021 midnight

New Report Explores Printing Beyond Colour

Many technologies and features with their roots in commercial printing have made, and continue to make, a substantial contribution to secure document production. However, these technologies have for the most part been concerned with producing visual colours, perceived by the unaided eye as conventional colour printing.

Studies-Reports - December 23, 2021 midnight