MDC Online Bridges the Gap for Mints

In normal times, the Mint Directors Conference (MDC) is held every two years, providing an opportunity for discussions, information-sharing and debate within and about the industry.

Thanks to COVID, the 31st MDC, due to be held in Cape Town in April 2020, could not take place. The next in-person event is scheduled to take place in Ottawa, hosted by the Royal Canadian Mint, in October 2023.

But that is a long time for the mint community to be without events to meet up, so MDC Online is being held in the meantime, on 24 and 25 May, to bridge the gap.

According to the MDC, in addition to examining the many challenges the mint community faces and the impact of these on the industry, MDC Online will be an opportunity for the community to forge a path for coins into the future, whether as a means of transaction, a store of value, a token of national pride or an investment for further generation.

The event is split into four sessions.

The first session, entitled ‘The Future of Currency in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World’, will set the scene, with an academic, an economist, a cash expert and a financial commentator and author discussing their views of cash and payments in the future.

In the second session, participants will hear from the heads of six mints (Germany, France, Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA) on how they met the challenges of COVID, what lessons were learned, consequential risks and how they will deal with the challenges going forward.

The third session, on 25 May, covers ‘Collectables and Numismatics – Trends, Interest and Risk, and How Mints Can and Are Responding’. A panel of five experts from different parts of the coin world will cover consumer research, new initiatives in the world of collectables, and how digitisation is helping take the numismatic market forward.

The fourth and final session is on the topic of ‘Business Transformation and Sustainability’, and will explore why mint industry supply chain participants need to embrace the imperative of becoming sustainable, and how mints themselves are addressing the issue.

Delegates will also hear from an expert on business transformation on how organisations within the mint community can change and adapt to new market conditions.

Each of the sessions will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A from the virtual audience.

The full programme and details on how to register can be found at