Morocco Rolls out New Note and Coin Series

Bank Al-Maghrib has issued a new coin series as part of its latest round of currency updates. Alongside new 10 and 20 centimes, and ½ dirham, 1, 5 s and and 10 dirham coins, an updated 100 dirham banknote has also been issued as the first in a new note series.

Banknotes - December 1, 2023 midnight

A New Association for Mints is Born

At the recent Mint Directors Conference in Ottawa, the Mint Directors Association (MDA) was formally announced. It has now been legally incorporated as a not-for-profit association, and is the successor to the MDC, the looser association of mint directors that has been in existence since 1962.

Coins - November 3, 2023 midnight

Conservation at Heart of New UK Coins

The Royal Mint has unveiled eight new coin designs inspired by flora and fauna across Britain that will soon appear on official UK coins, ranging from the 1p to the £2.

Coins - November 3, 2023 midnight

More Coins on Horizon for Polish Mint

The Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska), which trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as the only publicly-listed mint, has three distinct business segments – minting, electronic payments and real estate development.

Coins - August 1, 2023 midnight

IACA Excellence in Currency Awards 2023

The Currency Conference gala dinner on 16 May hosted the presentation of the latest International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) 2021 Technical Excellence in Currency Awards.

Events - June 1, 2023 midnight

Note and Coin News

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has announced plans to issue a new commemorative $10 banknote printed on SAFEGUARD® polymer by De La Rue. The new $10 note has been produced to commemorate the XVII Pacific Games 2023, which will be held for the first time Solomon Islands in November 2023.

Banknotes - May 26, 2023 midnight