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New Security Ink Facility for India

The Reserve Bank of India has opened a new security ink manufacturing unit, VARNIKA, which will be operated by its subsidiary Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited in Mysore.

Central Banks - April 2, 2022 midnight

The EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) – Istanbul

Following on from the successful trio of Banknote Conference, Currency Conference and Digital Currency Conference in February, Currency Research is preparing for their next in-person event, the EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar.

Events - April 2, 2022 midnight

Long, Longer, Longest Yet

In 2019, the Central Bank of the Bahamas issued the $50 banknote in its new CRISP Evolution series, which used Durasafe® substrate from Landqart and included a RAPID® windowed thread from Crane Currency.

Features - March 4, 2022 midnight


KURZ has been a pioneer in the use of diffractive optical anti-counterfeit features on banknotes since its earliest developments on the Australian dollar and the Austrian shilling. Its acquisition of OVD Kinegram (OVDK) in 1999 added proprietary optical features to its existing strengths in materials technology.

Technology - March 4, 2022 midnight

The Industry Finally Gets Together Again

The Banknote & Currency Conference was the first major industry event to take place in person since the start of the pandemic. The four day event, followed by the one-day inaugural Digital Currency Conference, welcomed more than 450 delegates from 180 organisations and 53 countries.

Free - March 3, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

As part of its modernisation programme, Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) has commissioned new banknote printing lines at both of its printworks - Currency Note Press, Nashik and Bank Note Press, Dewas.

News - March 3, 2022 midnight

People in the News

Former Prime Minister of Norway and NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has been appointed for a six-year term as Governor of Norges Bank, replacing Øystein Olsen who is retiring. He won’t take up the position until later in the year, when his term at NATO expires. Deputy Governor Ida Wolden Bache will act as Interim Governor in the meantime.

News - March 3, 2022 midnight

In Other News…

The Reserve Bank of Malawi has issued a new high denomination 5,000 kwacha banknote, to relieve pressure on the 2,000 kwacha, which accounts for 80% of currency in circulation. An upgraded version of the 2,000 will also be issued shortly.

News - March 3, 2022 midnight

IACA Awards – the Winners Are…

The first day of the Banknote & Currency Conference, 22 February, saw the presentation of the latest International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) Excellence in Currency Awards. Out of the 39 nominations, a shortlist of 15 was drawn up by the IACA Awards Committee for each of the four categories covered by the awards. These were then put to a ballot of IACA members.

Events - March 3, 2022 midnight

The Importance of Cash in War

War is brutal and yet here we are with war in Europe. Unbelievable. Yet again though, it underlines the need for cash. The run up to the war saw cyber-attacks on the Ukrainian ATM network and now the invasion has started the internet is not guaranteed, let alone power. Once again, cash is king.

Comment - March 3, 2022 midnight

Brinks’ Digital Vision to Disrupt the Cash Management Industry

Last December Brinks disclosed its three year strategic plan and 2024 financial targets, with a major focus on new digital cash payment solutions. According to CEO Doug Pertz, ‘Brink’s is evolving from a route-based logistics company with growing organic revenue and expanding margins into a key player in the broader payments ecosystem - with a focus on digital cash payment solutions.'

Companies - March 3, 2022 midnight

Open Sesami – A New Force in Cash Management Technology

Canadian security services provider GardaWorld, the world’s largest privately owned provider of security, cash and risk management service, has announced the launch of Sesami, a new cash ecosystem performance and technology company that will operate independently of its parent.

Companies - March 3, 2022 midnight

SAFEGUARD® – the Most Complete Banknote Substrate Solution Available?

There are many functional and secure features available that meet the needs of the various cash cycles, banknote issuing authorities and end users. One such feature is the taggant, which overcomes the challenges of the degradation of visible security features in that it continues to perform even when the note is subject to extensive wear and tear.

Substrates - March 3, 2022 midnight

Open House at Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions is holding a series of one-day events, which will take place from 26-29 April and 8-12 May at its premises in Lausanne, Switzerland. Live presentations will be organised across sustainability, modularity and digitalisation.

Events - March 3, 2022 midnight

Meta Materials Previews New KolourOptik Stripe

Meta Materials Inc, a developer of high-performance functional materials and nanocomposites and new owner of Nanotech Security, previewed a new technology from its security products business – KolourOptik® Stripe – at the Banknote & Currency Conference.

Features - March 3, 2022 midnight